Research - COVID-19
Developing Multimedia-based Learning on Avoiding Indistinctive COVID-19 Patients
About Research
Since the COVID-19 pandemic many doctors are not only facing challenging extra works and longer time in the hospitals, but they also encountering indistinctive patients who would uncover their experience or even telling lies about what they feel and what they have been doing before coming to the hospitals. This research is intended to develop a mobile multimedia-based learning on avoiding indistinctive COVID-19 patients. This tutorial is as a campaign how to make patients and their families not be afraid to be stigmatized by the community, and rather chose to be risking the illness. This reserach is conducted using Research and Development Method that is integrated with Multimedia Development Life Cycle. By accessing this mpobile multimedia application, patients are expected to provide complete information to doctors.
All qualitative data processing including video, audio, and images re processed using NVivo
Our Team

dr. Syafiq B. Assegaff, MA

Researcher, Lecturer

Dr. Hadi Sutopo, MMSI

Researcher, Multimedia practitioner

dr. Sri Dhuny Atas Asri, Sp.P, FISR

Researcher, Medical practitioner, Lecturer

dr. Enrico Adhitya Rinaldi, MARS, M.H.

Researcher, Hospital Manager, Lecturer
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