Digital Magazine
  • Development Method
Integration of Producing Custom Magazine according to Senic and Website Development Life Cycle (WDLC) according to Brinck et al.
The Developing digital magazine was carried using the Producing Custom Magazine according to Senic. At the digital magazine was produced, it was published in the web page that was developed using Website Development Life Cycle of according to Brinck et al.


This will help developer manages scope and the production in timely fashion, so he does not miss the agreed-upon deadline for sending the magazine to the printers and the target distribution date.
- Scope: (1) Deliver news about coffee plantation and industry online, (2) attract tourists to visit Belitung since the unique coffee taste, and (3) Assist the regional economic growth.
- Audience: Coffee industries, coffee drinkers, tourists
- Entry behavior: Audience need not any skills
- Computer literacv: Digital media is used in every day life
- Motivation: Some people in Belitung island need to promote their coffee beans that they planted, and develop online trading. Online or digital magazine that inform coffee industries in the island can be created to assist it.
- Infrastructure: Internet network with the high bandwidth is visible in this area

Creating Content Plan

Create an editor’s table of content for all pages, including the front and back covers.

Detail Plan

Considerations here include the content of a story, type of article, create modular content, create of design mock-up, instruction and author


In many cases, an article will need to be returned to its author to make corrections and add information that something is missing.

For every story, make sure to edit the headline, lead, body, picture, and picture caption.


Make sure the design of every spread is logical and works with the design of the magazine as a whole scenes whole content.

  • Magazine page design


Before editor can send a new issue of the custom magazine to print, take one final detailed look at it. He usually take printed pages in the relaxed environment, and he reads the magazine from cover to cover again to make sure there are no mistakes.

After the Chacking stage is cemplete, the nect stage is launch using WDLC. This wensite development can be conducyed parallelly.

Requirement Analysis

The objectives of web application are determined, in order solving the problems.

- Audience: Coffee industries, coffee drinkers, tourists
- Platforms: Computer, mobile device
- User goals: Online or digital magazine that inform coffee industries in the island
- Business goals: Assist the regional economic growth

Conceptual Design

Design describes how functionality is the application works.

- News: Current news about coffee
- Archives: Archives stores aricles that can be downloaded either individually or bundled in an issue.

Mockups and Prototypes

Mockups and prototypes contain of visual design and navigation structure.

Visual Design

Navigation Structure


The fourth stage, produced the web as a responsive web page, that the design and development could meet to the user’s behavior and environment that suitable with the platform, display and orientation.

  • Digital magazine website
  • Magazine pages


Testing is conducted in this phase:
- Modular testing: Review all modules
- Field Testing: Evaluation bu stakeholders


A pdf file that contains of articles was produced from the design and layout processing, and also pdf format of magazine that contained all the articles.

The research and development that consists of 5 stages is still in progress in the fourth stage. The testing of product has not been conducted, because there are limited activites during COVID-19 pandemic.